Gustaf Adolfs Kyrka – My Church: The Banner

I’m not sure about the origins of this. Though it is defiantly older than I am, as I know that it has always hung in the same place my whole life.

It depicts a rather simple, but fairly accurate explanation as to why the church is where it is. Liverpool was, and still is, a big port. Once upon a time a lot of Scandinavian ships passed through, bringing Scandinavian seamen with them. These men came from a time when religious beliefs were important, and so the Scandinavian countries sent pastors over the Liverpool to help the men who came in of the boat. Later, when many Scandinavian families were travelling to the USA, they stopped in Liverpool, where the church still was. Many thought of it as a home away from home, somewhere in a foreign land that was safe and familiar.

And that is what it is still like today.


Liverpool International Nordic Community

Save the Scandinavian Church in Liverpool


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