EIBF 2011 – Kurdo Baksi

Kurdo Baksi was a good friend of Stieg Larsson, the author of “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” and other books. Me and Bookwitch managed to catch up with him earlier in the day and say hello, whilst he was getting an ice cream. Some photos were taken and the author of “Stieg Larsson: My Friend” was clearly quite happy to find someone talking to him in Swedish, and when he asked if we would be attending his event later that day and was met by an explanation as to why I couldn’t come, he said he would give me one of the tickets he had.

And then later, when he had his photocall, said ticket was passed to me so I could go. It was a great event, especially when my brother’s university lecturer turned out to be the interpreter for this event.

All in all, great event and a very nice person.

And to see even more of what is going on at the Edinburgh International Book Festival, look further at other images and regularly check up on the blog as I’m adding more every day, all day.


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